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The Executive Board manages the affairs of the Association and is comprised of a Managing Director, Executive Officers and Executive Secretariat Members. The board focuses on the strategic tasks defined in the PRIME Networking objectives and is responsible for the budget and the accounts of the Association. It is empowered to act in all cases except those that are specifically designed to the General Assembly.

The Managing Director and six Executive Officers from six different institutions are elected by the members of the General Assembly for a period of three years.

The Managing Director is the principal executive officer of the Association. She/he will, with the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer, supervise and control all the business and affairs of the Association and perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board. She/he is authorized to take any administrative actions that are in the interest of the Association.

The Managing Director is responsible for the Secretariat with the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. She/he authorizes the expenditures within the limits of the budget. She/he may sign contracts and official documents of the Association which have been sanctioned by the Executive Board.

The Executive Secretary / Treasurer is appointed by the Managing Director. The managing director together with the secretary and the treasurer form the Secretariat.



Managing director
Sandra Kraze
BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Regina Schalinski
Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Meryl Rosenblatt
Molloy College, United States

Dimitrios Maditinos
International Hellenic University, Greece

Jean Lecocq
ECAM Brussels Engineering School, Belgium

Angels Xabadia
Universitat de Girona, Spain

Charlotta Edlund
Mälardalen University, Sweden



Aiga Anitena
BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Anda Ziemele
BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Registred Office

Prime Networking
rue Royale 150
1000 Bruxelles

Secretariat Office

Prime Networking
c/o BA School of Business and Finance
Kr.Valdemara street 161
Riga, LV-1013

Managing Director
Mrs Sandra Kraze

Aiga Anitena

Anda Ziemele

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