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10th Didaktik-Forum on 1-2 July 2021 (online)

Experiences, good practices and new ideas to share: Motivating & Teaching diverse study groups – ONLINE?!”

Meanwhile almost three semesters during this pandemic have passed and teaching in Higher Education has changed its face. Different methods and technologies have been used to support remote teaching, also in hybrid teaching settings. Although referred to as the “new normal“, online teaching with limited social interaction remains challenging. On the other hand, with improved technologies and skills as well as a different approach to teaching online, also new opportunities have been created, e.g. for cooperation across borders.

If you teach at Higher Education institutions and want to share your experiences during the last online/hybrid semester(s), please, register until 11 June 2021. Registration form and further information available here


Challenging – Teamwork – Fun

On April 15-16, 2021 a total of 63 students and 26 mentors, from various disciplines participated in the Hackaton: Hachoffice 2021.

The project theme for the 2021 Primeathon Hackathon was Sustainable Office and Modern Workplaces of the Future. The objective of the project was therefore to identify and suggest a potential efficient, sustainable and productive office and workplace. The office and workplace can be a physical location for people or virtual space, or both.
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