What is Euroweek?

UNIQUE!  European Week Conference is an annual international student conference whose overall purpose is to add value to current studies by exposing students to an international work and research environment in order to enhance their international employment opportunities. Among PRIME NETWORKing members the Euroweek concept during 16 years of development continues to stimulate practical exposure to current development in many fields:
Practical exposure to current developments in such fields as Business Administration, Engineering, Information Technology, Tourism, Marketing, Management,in addition to research and participation in the conference students profit from a real 'hands-on' feel for numerous important aspects of their fields of study.  Students develop valuable skills in data gathering, analysis, problem-solving, and drawing conclusions as well as presenting their projects in an international (primarily European) context.

Methodological approach

The Euroweek concept innovatively combines the educational challenge of collaborating online in intercultural, interdisciplinary teams and competing for the academic awards infront of an international audience.  From its first conference in 1995, Euroweek has been annually evaluated to insure continual improvement. What remains the same is the exhilerating opportunity for cultural learning and the pleasure experienced by all participants.

Next Euroweek: 28 April - May 3, 2019: Smart Business in Digital Age

To do Date
Project Posting Monday Nov 5 – Monday Nov 19
Project Shopping Tuesday Nov 20 – Monday Dec 10
Project Remaking Tuesday Dec 11 – Tuesday Dec18
Project Final List Tuesday Dec 21

Smart Business in Digital Age

At present, it appears very difficult for governments, businesses and other organizations to break free from the old world hierarchical structures and thinking. Change does not come easily. They strive to adapt the requirements of a new digital culture. Digitalization helps people to find common platform to voice their problems or concern and connect with the rest of the world. We should change the way how we live, work and learn, and we will be able to make "smarter" decisions about the opportunities and challenges related to the current technological (digital) revolution on the sustainable framework. We should be able to identify potential emerging sustainable governance models within the proposed ecosystem.

The topic includes the following categories:

1. Digitalization and Smart Solutions

The majority of us have smart phones or other smart devices. Within less than a single generation, these devices have made a significant impact on how we live and work. Recently, there has been extensive discussion about digitalization and smart solutions and "smart" contracts, "smart" grids, etc. This category contains software solutions, applications and smart devices.

2. Sustainability

Nowadays, companies collaborate within the interconnected world and relationships, in cooperation with various interest groups. Even though the situation poses a challenge for businesses, there still exist opportunities in which businesses can harness new technology, rethink business models, and create value and be more sustainable

Social and Economic Sustainability

Environmental Technologies

·         This category encompasses environment-friendly energy and energy storage, waste collection and transport, waste utilization, sustainable water management, sustainable mobility (alternative fuel and drive technology, or car sharing), etc.

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