Becoming a member

If you are

  • a university, or
  • a state authorised institutions of higher education which offer a bachelor's degree or the equivalent or
  • an interface institutions, linking universities and enterprise

and are interested in joining PRIME NETWORKING, and

  • you already cooperate with one of our member institutions
  • you are preferably from a country which is not yet represented in our international network
  • and you fit the criteria of membership described above

To become a PRIME NETWORKING member an institution has to fit the criteria of membership (see above Members / Associate Members) and is preferably from a country not yet represented in the network (Article 5.5 of Prime Networking statutes).

A new member needs to be invited by an existing PRIME NETWORKING member. The inviting PRIME NETWORKING member sends an application to the Managing Director informing the association about the application request. The full name of the applying institution, contact data and the name of the person who shall initially represent the new PRIME NETWORKING member shall be indicated. It may be required to enclose a copy of the statutes of the applying institution.

New members will start as associate member, becoming members if they have been committed to the PRIME NETWORKING association for at least 2 years (Article 5.3 of Prime Networking statutes).

Associate members shall have the right to participate in the activities and meetings of the association in an advisory function (Article 5.4 of Prime Networking statutes), but only members are eligible to vote.

The number of members is unlimited but shall not be less than five. All members shall have the rights and privileges provided by Belgian law where the association is registered.

If your institutions is interested in becoming a Prime Networking member and fulfills the criteria above, then please contact one of our member institutions.